Lycos UK

I worked for Lycos UK in office from April 2006 until April 2007 when I moved back to Canada where I continued to work for them on a contract basis until September 2007. At this time the Development Office was moved back to Germany where the Head office for Lycos Europe is based. The development of all European Portals was then handled from one central location.

My projects with Lyos UK included

  • the Sports Channel
  • the World Cup Microsite
  • the Motor Racing Channel
  • the Music Channel
  • the XY Channel (Mens Channel)
  • the Hype Channel (Celebrity News and Gossip)
  • the Travel Homepage
  • the New Viral Chart
  • Developed the CMS Feature Template (custom inhouse content management system)
  • The X Factor Fan Central Microsite (British Equivalent to American/Canadian Idol)
  • The X Factor Videos (online equivalent to the TV show)
  • Neighbours Street Corner (Long running Soap Opera)
  • Red Nose Day, The Big Laugh (British Comedy Fundraiser)
  • Smirnoff Black Photography Contest (first prize 5000)

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